Sunday, March 26, 2006

50 cents worth of enjoyment

Seeing as most kids these days don't know that the Flintstones are anything more than the name of their vitamins, I suspect that the relevance of this coin operated Dino ride is lost on most kids. They probably think it's Barney, which is probably a great insult to many Hanna-Barbara animators who lie upset in their graves right now.

The funny part about this situation right here is the text written on the base of the ride. Can you make it out? Here's a close up:

The maker of this ride thought maybe little Timmy might not get his 50 cents worth without the proper motivation; without the proper subliminal suggestion that he should enjoy himself while riding Dino. Or perhaps they were just overly polite manufactures of lame disease carrying kiddie rides, genuinely thanking the children for selecting their ride and honestly wishing them enjoyment while they ride.

Personally, I think this ride is entirely too bossy. What if the paying customer does not want the ride to be enjoyed? What then? A refund?

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