Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jennifer Anniston Fan Club Member - Making Jen Proud!

Here is a fan of Jennifer Anniston's, offering Jen a bit of friendly advice and encouragement on one of those celebrity worship websites. Too bad this person is a moron:

However, I do agree that Brad choosing "Angina" does technically qualify him in the "is nut" status as this writer so eloquently points out. Note the name "ANGINA", not to be confused with VAGINA. It is clear that the fan with a third grade education is the one who is "nut" and should just stop trying to compose sentences. She should be thrown in jail to rot for using the awesomely tired and annoying phrase "You go girl." Insert pencil into eyeball.


Marty said...

Hey Jen (My name is Marty and email is from Bflo, NY sisters name is Jen. You should do (not cheesy like e ) but "A week in the life of Jen" this would be hugh seller. If your publishist havn't thought of this I don't know why. Have a great day and take care of yourself. Marty

Anonymous said...

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